Jaclyn Smith: The 77-year-old legendary Charlie’s Angel impresses – We’re talking about a body… rubber! – Watch video


The couple, who married in 1997, have wowed social media users for their creativity

Jaclyn Smith and her husband, Brad Allen, are still finding a way to renew their marriage — and their fitness regimen — after more than 20 years together.

Its leading lady Charlie’s Angles posted a video of their favorite exercises on Instagram.

“We decided to raise the intensity with our training!”, wrote the 77-year-old. In the video, she hugs her husband while doing abs.

“It’s hard to get motivated to work out during the holidays, but Brad and I found a way to have a little laugh while still working out!” he added and “uploaded” another video, showing them kissing while doing push-ups.

The couple, who got married in 1997, have been wowing social media users for their creativity!

“This is so cute… you both look gorgeous,” one follower commented, while another added: “Jaclyn NEVER ages. Always and forever a goddess.”

Charlie's Angels series

The actress has been making headlines in recent years for her youthful appearance, even in her 70s. Smith went viral in December 2021 when fans claimed she looked more like her 39-year-old son’s sister than his mother.

Although the actress and entrepreneur hasn’t revealed all of her beauty secrets, she and her husband have developed a skin care line that she uses as well. Prior to her relationship with Allen, Smith was married to Roger Davis from 1968 to 1975 and then to Dennis Cole from 1978 to 1981. In the same year, she married Anthony B. Richmond, but they divorced in 1989.

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