“Wild Land”: The meeting of Christos and Olga has an unpredictable development – Watch video


The day after the party at Ari’s (S. Michael) house, he finds Manos (Th. Patriarcheas) and Nadia (A. Andreovich) having slept together. The hostage situation of Rosa (L. Matsangou) by Christos (I. Svitailo) ends episodically, but leads to a new conflict between Rosa and Olga (Z. Douka). Aris and Elpida (P. Vitetzaki) continue to live their love secretly, but Elpida feels remorse because she lies to Kostis (Th. Banousis). At the same time, Ares is frantically looking for Vlassis (I. Papamattheiou), but cannot find him.

He suspects that Olga has already learned his true identity from him. Meanwhile, Stefanos (P. Skarmeas) takes action and implements a daring plan in order to get Vlassis out of the way, while Christos is in danger of being arrested and asks for the help of Michalis (K. Falelakis). And while Alexis (G. Koskorellos) announces to Elpida that he has decided to leave their place and make a new beginning, Katerina (A.M. Iliadou), after rejecting Stefanos, leaves the doctor’s office. But another disappointment awaits her, this time from her father.

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