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Granddaughter imitates grandfather Galvão Bueno’s catchphrase: ‘Haja Coração grandpa’


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Bella, granddaughter of sports narrator Galvão Bueno, turns 4 this Wednesday (21). To honor the girl, he shared a cute video of her imitating one of her catchphrases narrating soccer matches.

“Haja heart grandpa Galvão”, said the girl in front of a Christmas tree. In the caption of the video, the sports narrator wrote a message tagging his granddaughter’s parents, the pilot Cacá Bueno and his wife Tali: “There’s a heart! Today is Princess Bella’s day. Congratulations! Grandpa loves you, Bella.”

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Desirée Soares, wife of Galvão, commented on the publication. “Congratulations Princess Bella. Grandma loves you,” she wrote, adding heart emojis. Tali, Bella’s mother, left a message for her father-in-law: “Miss you grandpa.”

Fans of the sportscaster wished their granddaughter well. “Congratulations, Bella! God bless you greatly always. Best wishes!”, wrote internet user Selma Pessoa Miranda. “How beautiful”, commented Alexia Castro.

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Despite the hectic routine, he usually posts videos of his grandchildren and always talking about how good it is to be a grandfather. In November last year, he published a video surrounded by his grandchildren and narrating a soccer match in the video game at their request. “Come on grandpa, tell the story,” said the boy. He immediately responded to the children’s request.

“When the grandchildren ask, we even narrate video games! It’s great to be a grandfather!”, wrote Galvão Bueno at the time on the social network. He has seven grandchildren and often posts photos with them on Instagram, always saying that it’s “too good to be a grandfather”.

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