Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña spend Christmas together and dating rumors increase

Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña spend Christmas together and dating rumors increase

Actors Bruna Marquezine, 27, and Xolo Maridueña, 21, increased the rumors that they are dating after circulating on the networks a photo in which the two celebrate Christmas next to the family of presenter Xuxa Meneghel, this Sunday (25). The image was shared on Instagram by hairstylist Daniel Fortunato.

In the image, the two appear alongside the actress’s parents and sister, by Sasha Meneghel, João Figueiredo, Xuxa, Junno Andrade and Fortunato, in Angra dos Reis. “2022, another Christmas of love. So grateful to be surrounded by so much love,” wrote Fortunato.

On social media, netizens commented that the photo is proof that the two are dating. Singer João Figueiredo, Sasha’s husband, shipped the couple and posted heart emojis in the hairdresser’s post. Internet user Selma Rodrigues commented: “Bruna and Xolo are beautiful.”

“Bruna Marquezine marries Xolo, please, that’s all I ask,” wrote Stella di Sirio on Twitter. “If Bruna Marquezine is really with Xolo, she killed it because my God is very cute”, commented internet user Gisella Trivilin. “Xolo and Bruna are dating a lot and whoever wants to say no, let them say so”, bets network user Guilherme Sobral.

Internet user Ariel Brumm praised the actor and left her fans for dating Marquezine. “I love Xolo. I think he’s super charismatic and cute. And Bruna deserves someone to treat her like a queen and Xolo does that perfectly. Whenever he can, he’s praising Bruna and showing the world that she is the most beautiful woman . She deserves no less.”

The alleged courtship also provoked the envy of Maridueña fans. “I have such a huge crush on that Xolo Maridueña that I’m even sad to find out that he’s dating Bruna Marquezine’s cat (the relationship is not assumed but it’s sure there’s something people)”, tweeted internet user Ceci Requi.

Marquezine and Maridueña met backstage of the movie “Besouro Azul”, they became friends and never let go of each other. He came to Brazil for a vacation and the two share several moments together on social media. The actor even gave the affectionate nickname he gave to the actress: “Bruna Pão de Queijo”.

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