The Voice Brasil: Lulu Santos calls for the creation of an LGBTQIA+ secretariat


Lulu Santos took advantage of the performance of the singer Makem in the semifinal of “The Voice Brasil” (Globo), this Tuesday night (27), to ask Flávio Dino, future Minister of Justice, to create an LGBTQIA+ secretariat.

“I wanted to remind the new Minister of Justice that our country continues to be the one that kills the most LGBTQIA+ people.

For Lulu, violence against the LGBTQIA+ population shames the soul of Brazilians.

On Twitter, Flávio Dino responded by saying that he agrees with Lulu’s proposal. “I’m going to hold a dialogue with the Minister of Human Rights, Silvio Almeida, so that we can work together”.

Almeida, in turn, said, also on the social network, that the LGBTQIA+ secretariat has already been created and is part of the new organization chart of the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship.

“Minister Flávio Dino and I are absolutely committed to preserving the life and dignity of LGBTQIA+ people,” he said.

The singer thanked future ministers. “We count on you.”

After a drop in 2020, the rate of violent deaths of the LGBTQIA+ population grew again in 2021 – there were 237 two years ago, against 316 last year. The main cause of death was stabbing, responsible for 28.8% of deaths — in second place are firearms (26.27%) and beatings (6.33%).

Makem, one of the LGBTQIA+ artists to perform in the 2022 edition of “The Voice Brasil”, sang “De Volta Para O Meu Aconchego”, a song by Dominguinhos and Nando Cordel that became known in the interpretation of Elba Ramalho.

The singer from Ceará moved the judges, but was not classified for the final of the musical reality.

“On The Voice I was overcoming fear after fear, I recognized myself, I embraced myself and I feel this embrace from the public”, he thanked. “To be able to interpret Elba, my Northeast, with pride and as an LGBT body, so reviled, I am more than happy”.

Lulu Santos publicly assumed her relationship with a man in 2018 —Clebson Teixeira, with whom she is married.

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