Luana Piovani x Pedro Scooby: the new round of the former couple’s public fight


Luana Piovani made a long outburst this Monday afternoon (2) on Instagram about her ex-husband and father of her three children. She accuses Pedro Scooby of not wanting to pay full child support and revealed that she fears losing custody of Dom and the twins Lisa and Bem –10 and 7 years old–due to Portuguese laws that are not favorable to women.

The actress, who has lived in Portugal for four years, said that the father of her children wants to pay the amount he thinks is fair, which makes her life difficult, as she has to pay for rent for the house, school, transportation for Dom to skate and employees to cook and look after the children while she works. “Tomorrow is the day for Pedro to deposit 50% of the costs of our children and he has now waited for that moment to say that he will pay what he thinks is fair”, said the actress. “He came to Portugal and chose this house with me, I live here with my three children.”

She said that Scooby is “angry” with her like most parents who want to hold on to money – the surfer and his current wife, model Cintia Dicker, unfollowed the actress on social media after criticism at a time when they are with the hospitalized newborn daughter. Luana also said that she doesn’t need her ex-husband’s money, but her children need and are entitled to the same standard of living they always had.

“I don’t need money. So much so that I paid all my bills, in this case ours. When I was married to Pedro, he only paid the rent for the house and I paid everything else. From the pediatrician to health, food, driver and car,” said the actress, who tagged the surfer’s sponsors in the Instagram post. “I’m going to do some research and I’m going to make videos for the sponsors to see if this is the kind of image they want attached to, because it’s like this: Brazil is made of single mothers.”

Luana said that her ex-husband wants to hire a lawyer in Portugal because the laws are different from Brazil and the court grants only a minimum wage pension, which does not pay their bills. She also spoke of the fear of losing custody of the children because Portuguese justice is very concerned with the privacy, care and image of children. “Of course, they’re going to have to take my eyes, my organs from inside my body for someone to want to take my son away from me. Because I value education, which is not Pedro’s priority.”

She said that Scooby speaks Portuguese the wrong English, does not read books and does not prioritize the education of the children. According to Luana, her ex-husband once wanted to take the children out of school to start homeschooling –home education– because he thinks it’s easy for a child to study on the computer. “The child has the class and he manages with everything. That’s what he thinks homeschooling is”, she said. “He prioritizes the angry life and enjoyment, which I don’t even think is wrong because we don’t know how long we’re going to live, but education needs to be prioritized.”

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