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BBB 23: Paula received help from a friend to feed herself during college


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Biomedical doctor Paula Freitas, 28, a member of Casa de Vidro who is trying to get a place on BBB 23 (Globo), went through financial difficulties when she left her parents’ home in Pará to go to college in Goiânia. In an old post on Instagram, Paula thanks a friend, identified as Camila, for having helped her with a plate of food when she had nothing to eat.

“Camila has no idea how much she helped me when we studied in Goiânia. Many times I didn’t have enough to eat, and she gave me a ‘pasta dish in garlic and oil’ every time I needed it, maybe even she doesn’t know of that, but it’s the truth” wrote the sister in the caption of a photo shared on the social network, in February 2020.

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She also said that it was with her friend that she learned to drink sparkling water and joked that Camila just couldn’t teach her how to eat Japanese food. “It was Camila who taught me a lot of the chic things that I know today (she is very well traveled and intelligent). Camila was the friend I wanted to be with all the time and for that reason I suffered for 6 years without being able to touch her and feel her scent that is unique.”

“[No]On January 31, 2020, I found ‘my person’ again and I still can’t believe it. Finally, let me go get ready, she’s waiting for me, we’re going to have breakfast together”, said the woman ending the post.

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