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BBB 23: After a disagreement with Cezar, Domitila is the ‘new Lumena’ of the edition


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This Wednesday afternoon (18) the duo Cezar and Domitila delivered a long DR to the BBB 23 public. .

“I’m feeling like I’m in an environment that is not mine, a fish out of water. This is completely draining my energy, so that I’m becoming a plant in here. A person who can’t get along” he says.

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The duo was chosen by the public to remain linked until the end of the week and, contrary to bets, Cezar and Domitila showed very different personalities with regard to their behavior in the house. It didn’t match.

“I’m a party guy, revelry, Carnival. You’re a completely different person: peace, spirituality, who has this thing of reflecting, talking, a more spiritual thing with people.”, says Cézar, who also described himself as very whiny and emotional.

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But it was Domitila’s responses that most caught the attention of Internet users. After the brother’s outburst and the apology for the exposure in the game of discord, the miss developed long lines. She said that Cézar accused her of dominating and manipulating him and that, contrary to the relief that the conversation brought him, it left her worse off than she was before.

The sister’s behavior led netizens to define her as another “little talk” of the edition, as was already done with participant Fred Nicácio. The long speech, the confused ideas and the explosion of resentment caused her to be compared to participant Lumena, from BBB 21. Is there another “Domitila authorized?”

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