Survivor All Star: Bartzis and Martikas accuse Sakis of “hypocrisy”.


New tension in tonight’s episode of Survivor All Star, as Nikos Bartzis and Spyros Martikas attack Sakis Katsoulis after his secret meetings with Marialena Roumeliotis

Yesterday’s Survivor bombshell with Karolina Kalyva’s tender tete-a-tete with Marios Priamos in the jungle of the island brought another revelation, as Sakis Katsoulis and Marialena Roumeliotis said that the two players were not alone.

As we see in the Survivor All Star trailer, there will be new tension in tonight’s island council, as Nikos Bartzis expresses his displeasure in the person of Sakis, who is an actor for… Oscar and Spyros Martikas directly accuses him of hypocrisy.

The specific remarks made Marialena furious, who will not leave the reports of her partner’s teammates unanswered.

From there, we see that the warlike atmosphere between George Asimakopoulos and Takis Karagounias remains, after what was said between them in yesterday’s council and the emergence of the latter as the first candidate to leave this week at Survivor All Star.

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