Last night’s Survivor All Star premiered – Tonight is a tough, breathtaking showdown! (trailer)


In the huts, the main topic of discussion is none other than the jungle excursions of the quartet Saki, Mario, Marialena, Karolina

The revelations of yesterday’s episode and the entry of the new players monopolized the interest of the television audience who kept the Survivor All Star in first place in the average viewership 26.6% in the Grand total of the public and 28.5% in the dynamic audience.

The first vote of the island brought him as a candidate Takis Karagounias, who seems hurt by his team’s decision. But there is no room for complaints since the second immunity match begins and in case of defeat the Blues will have to produce two more candidates.

The Reds want the victory in order not to enter the process of voting and a nomination. The passion of the two teams can be seen in the battle arena where the score goes point to point! A fierce match that takes your breath away!

In the huts, the main topic of discussion is none other than the excursions into the jungle of the quartet Saki, Mario, Marialena, Karolina, which occupy the discussions of the two groups. Punishment seems to worry some of them, but for others it is insignificant in front of… love.

In the Council of the Island, new issues open up… How many candidates will come out at the end of the voting?

SURVIVOR ALL STAR: it’s not a game, it’s survival!
Sunday to Wednesday at 21.00.

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