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BBB 23: Fred Nicácio and Marília are not eliminated and discover they are in the Secret Room


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Fred Nicácio and Marília were chosen by the BBB 23 this Tuesday (24) for the Secret Room with 69.26% of the votes.

As soon as they arrived in the room, the duo did not quite understand what was going on, but Tadeu Schmidt explained to the brothers: “This is not a traditional False Wall. One of you will definitely leave soon, the other will return to the BBB . You entered the house together, you went through so much together, now you are direct opponents”.

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The presenter gave each one 30 seconds to say why they should stay on the show:

Fred Nicacio: “I deserve to go back to Big Brother because I need to show my game individually. I love Marília, but my partner is very different from me, I answer for my body, for my performance, for my ways of interacting. So, so I deserve a second chance to be able to show my game individually, my interactions, my multiple possibilities. I need to go back, I want to go back and go back to this game”.

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Marília: “I must go back to the most watched house, for the BBB, because I am intense, I am true, I give myself body and soul, I love the program. Because I have Maria Bonita’s blood, I also want to show my game individually, show Marília to you 100%. Many of the things I couldn’t show were out of empathy for my partner, so I want to go back alone to show what a f*cking woman I am. Inspire, motivate, show my determination”.


Once in the hidden room, it will be the turn, on Tuesday (24), to open the voting to, then, eliminate one of the brothers of the duo. The most voted bids farewell to the dispute and whoever receives the fewest votes from the public will return to the game immune and with the privilege of vetoing one of the confines of the next Leader’s Test.

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