BBB 23: Fred and Larissa kiss during a party and brothers celebrate


Brothers Larissa and Fred kissed for the first time during the BBB 23 party this Saturday morning (28), while they were on the dance floor. A few seconds later, Bruna Griphao hugged them, while others approached and shouted celebrating the scene.

The moment so awaited by the house happened on the dance floor, after Fred handed a drink to the physical education teacher. Larissa took a sip, looked at the influencer and the two soon kissed. One of the sisters shouted: “I loved it” and another “finally”.

Shortly before the romantic scene, the two sat hand in hand on a sofa outside the house, exchanging affection.

The kiss reverberated inside the house. “I stayed up for that, that’s what it was for”, joked Paula. She continued asking for secrecy from the other participants, who did not witness the moment.

“If it leaks in the face, whoever told was who was here”, said Paula. Marvila replied. “Only we will know. We won’t tell anyone.”

Bruna Griphao told Fred that she was happy for them. “I like you a lot. I wanted this from the beginning. Everything here is very intense. You’re going to suffer. I’m glad Lari is cool”. Fred then responds with a laugh: “You guys are very silly”.

In an approving tone, Fred Nicário questioned Bruna Griphao about the kiss between the friends. “Did you see how cute they were kissing? At least someone kissed on the mouth tonight.” The actress soon responded. “Don’t play with me, no, I’m going to the bedroom to kiss you on the mouth”.

The doctor answered. “No you won’t, my friend. Would I have liked to have kissed you today? I would have. I didn’t and I won’t kiss again. Because I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve to put myself in this place.”

Larissa and Fred were one of the last brothers to leave the party, which started last night with a concert by the Minas Gerais band Skank. Afterwards, they slept snuggling in the Fundo do Mar room.

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