Janja watches Flamengo’s defeat in the Super Cup and fans call her cold feet


Flamengo supporter, first lady Rosângela Lula da Silva, known as Janja, was called cold feet on social networks after the team lost the Super Cup title to Palmeiras, this Saturday (28). She accompanied the final on the tribune of honor at Arena BRB Mané Garrincha, in Brasília.

“Flamengo is losing the game because of that ridiculous Janja in the stadium. Besides being the devil’s wife, she’s cold feet”, tweeted the netizen @the_souza80 during the game. “Soup, I mean Janja, very cold foot”, wrote the netizen @Myllene81801028.

Internet user @NewsPlan_, who identifies himself as a Bolsonaro voter, posted a photo of the first lady upset about the game. “Therein lies the reason for Flamengo’s defeat,” he tweeted, blaming the first lady. “Janja Pé-Frio went to watch Flamengo’s game and he lost. He should have stayed at home. She can only be unlucky!”, he said. @rjaveiroportowhich has posts on the social network in favor of Bolsonaro and criticizing Lula.

“The misfortune of Janja went to support Flamengo and we lost. She is a disgraceful cold foot, she only wins in robbery”, wrote the fan @daljesus1969, who declares himself a Christian and says that his profile on the social network has been taken down 18 times. He also uses the phrase: “Thief squid, [seu] place is in prison.”

Other netizens recalled that Bolsonaro is happy with Palmeiras’ victory and that Janja favored rival Corinthians, Lula’s team. “Janja pé-frio, took her quizuila to Flamengo! Thanks Palmeiras! The myth is happy!”, he tweeted @Patriciarcabral. “Janja pissed off still gave the title to the rival of the president’s team”, he wrote @mani_waves.

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