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Heroes of Bronze: 6-minute mini-film about the battles of the ancient Greeks against the Persians – Video


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The epic animated mini-movie, Heroes of Bronze, with gorgeous visuals, has drawn rave reviews

“A love letter” to ancient Greece from a single man, Martin Kleckner, is the short (six-minute) film Heros of Bronze: The Memory on YouTube.

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The short film deals with the Persian Wars, the struggles of the ancient Greeks against the Persians from the Battle of Marathon (490BC) to the Battle of Plataea (479BC), with the child of one of the slain warriors of Marathon continuing his father’s fight , wearing his father’s armor and taking his weapons.

The epic animated mini-film, with gorgeous visuals, has garnered rave reviews, and looks set to continue, as it’s only a very small part of an extended script for the troubled historical period.

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What the creator himself says

“Heroes of Bronze is a personal CGI short film that I’ve been working on for the last 4 years, a labor of love and an introduction to an era that I think is sorely lacking in today’s world of film and animation. I am not a historian, however, I have tried to do justice to ancient Greece. I wanted to portray her as historically accurate as I could, but at the same time, make her ‘larger than life’, as she lives in my imagination. I am sure that I have made mistakes, nevertheless, I hope that I have managed to capture the spirit of the ancient times and the Greco-Persian period of wars.”

The short film

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