Juliano Cazarré’s daughter is discharged after 7 months in hospital: ‘We are at home’


Maria Guilhermina, daughter of actor Juliano Cazarré and journalist Letícia, was discharged this Sunday (29) after seven months in the hospital treating a rare congenital heart disease. The couple shared the good news on social media and said they are already home with their daughter.

“We are home!! Maria Guilhermina de Guadalupe, your life is a miracle. Thank you, God! Thank you to each doctor, nursing technicians, ICU mothers, friends and family, you were the mountain that raised us over the last few 7 months and they made us see further, a horizon that only the eyes of the heart could see! Thank you, my Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe”, wrote the couple in the message shared on the social network

Famous and anonymous celebrate the good news shared by the couple. “Thank God! A tight hug for the whole family. What emotion and gratitude!”, commented the actor Cássio Reis. “Thank God Letícia! What a joy,” wrote actress Fernanda Vasconcellos.

“What a joy”! Leticia, a very happy day! Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe!”, said journalist Glenda Kozlowski. “I was moved by the light! The journey will be beautiful, congratulations warriors and missionaries”, commented the actress Maitê Piragibe

Model Cíntia Dicker, who recently faced health problems with her newborn daughter, also commented on the publication. “What a thrill! Amen, a hug to all this wonderful family!”, She wrote her. Letícia Cazarré replied that she is following the model’s daughter’s health problems and saying prayers. “I’m here if you need me, kiss Princess Aurora [filha de Cíntia].”

Maria Guilhermina was born with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a rare congenital heart disease, and has undergone several surgeries since birth, on June 21 of last year.

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