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BBB 23: Bruna Griphao’s team campaigns to remove Gabriel from reality


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Bruna Griphao may even be rooting for Gabriel Tavares to remain in the game, but the team that manages the actress’s social networks during BBB 23 decided to take a stand against her sister’s will. The group announced joint efforts asking for the elimination of the model in the second Paredão of the current season.

“Caring for Bruna’s individual game and to protect her in the way we managed, on this wall we are #ForaGabriel!”, wrote the team, indicating the link to vote for Anitta’s former affair. The brother competes for the public’s votes to remain in the house with Cezar Black and Domitila Barros. Only one is eliminated this Tuesday (31).

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Gabriel and Bruna started a romance right at the first BBB 23 party, despite the father, Paulo Orfao, saying that the daughter would not get involved with anyone at the beginning of the game. In a few days of romance, the man from São Paulo began to treat the actress harshly in front of the other participants. He even threatened to elbow his sister in the mouth.

Gabriel’s behavior and rude comments generated revolt on the networks and Globo decided to interfere with Tadeu Schmidt. He caught the attention of the live model. “Gabriel, in an affective relationship, certain things cannot be said even as a joke. This is the message I wanted to leave for you”, warned the presenter of the attraction.

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The scolding also drew the attention of the house against the couple. The two then decided to just go on as friends in confinement.

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