Survivor All Star: “Closed” immunities undefeated Celebrities – The 4 Blue candidates – Watch video


In the Council this time the Blues, although divided, had better focus.

In the Survivor All Star the Fighters came back strong in the last immunity match and made the match almost a derby compared to the crap we saw in the previous days. However this was not enough and the result was that they were defeated again.

After the fight Fighters and Celebrities acknowledged that it was a real showdown as opposed to the walk of the previous two days.

In the Council this time the Blues, although divided, had better focus. Half voted for Marialena and the other half for Ria. The former voted competitively, the latter with sympathy and possibly a bit of strategy. In the end, Ria came out as a candidate with 7 votes against her teammate’s 6.

To the question “Why did the Fighters, while they are in disintegration competitively, not make a candidate for Marialena Pamdei, instead of giving 7 votes to Ria?” the answer beyond sympathies and friendships may also involve a lot of expediency. Ria is a player who has just entered the game and is not sure if she has an audience and how strong it is. On the other hand, Marialena has managed to be at the center of developments and, despite her competitive decline, to have a share of publicity in other ways. Therefore Evi and Anagnostopoulos and by extension all their company preferred Ria as the 4th candidate to increase their chances of staying in the game. Something that Chris did the day before by voting for Evie, but avoided doing to Ria, since they entered the game together.

The funny thing is that Marialena thinking she is fully aware of the 6 votes she has received, when asked by Lianos she tried to photograph the teammates who voted for her and attacked Takis by naming him, while he voted for Ria.

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