Survivor All Star: The communication prize competition brings thrills and… storms


Survivor All Star is first in its January airing slot

The year started with a first for Survivor All Star on SKAI since in the first month of its broadcast it is first in television viewing in its broadcast slot both in the general population, with a percentage of 25% and in the dynamic audience, with 26.5%.

Yesterday’s episode was explosive and turned things upside down in Agios Dominicos as after a complaint by Nikos Bartzis for violating the rules of the game, the production decided after an investigation to expel Asimina Hatziandreou and Katerina Dalaka from the game. The television audience watched with bated breath the developments in Survivor All Star, which was for one more night in the first place of the television viewing in its transmission slot, with a percentage of 25.6% in the dynamic audience and 23.6%, in the general group.

How does the balance change in the Red team after the departure of the two girls? The topic monopolizes the discussions on the beach of the Famous, but it also concerns the team of the Fighters who know that the opponents have lost two valuable players and are in turmoil. The Blues need to get back to winning ways as they have lost all their immunity matches this week. What strategy will they follow in the scrimmages?

The first match for the communication prize is tonight and everyone is looking forward to it. Each prize of communication gives them strength to continue, brings them closer to their families…

The result of the match brings… storms to a team but also great emotion.