From Virgínia to Wesley Safadão, famous people make donations to help Bahia


Due to heavy rains that have occurred in southern Bahia in recent days, several famous people decided to use their visibility to help the more than 50 impacted cities. In addition, more than 280 people were injured, in addition to two missing and 20 dead.

Influencer Virginia Fonseca, 22, will donate all the proceeds from her beauty products company, WePink, made to help families. “From today (26) until the 31st, we are going to donate all our profits to help Bahia. I keep asking everyone to help in whatever way they can,” he said in Stories.

Singer Wesley Safadão, 33, used his Twitter to mobilize donations. “Bahia is a wonderful state, with extremely welcoming people who are in great need of us all! Let’s help!”, he wrote in a publication this Sunday (26).

In addition, he stated that all the money collected at his show this Monday (27), held in Barra Grande, Bahia, will be donated to help. “Let’s go together in this current of faith and love, help you too with what you can!”, completed the musician.

Singer Ivete Sangalo, 49, also used social media to talk about the rainy situation. In a shared post on Instagram, she wrote: “The rains are punishing southern Bahia. Let’s mobilize and help. Urgency.”

Dancer Lorena Improta, 28, also mobilized through her Instagram, leaving the profile of some city halls that need donations. “The cities here in southern Bahia are really in need of help from us,” he began.

“There are several places where you can help. I’ve already made my donation, but I wanted something more,” he continued in Stories. “Those who accompany me know that I make a charity bazaar. All the money raised in the bazaar will be donated to cities that are in need due to the rains,” he added.

Singer Preta Gil, 47, also shared tweets about donations and ways to help. This Monday (27), she brought special attention to animals that also suffer from the rains. “Animals are also suffering a lot from all the flooding in Bahia!” he wrote.

Comedian Whindersson Nunes, 26, also said he will auction off some of his career’s most memorable clothing and objects to help with donations. “The proceeds go to the indigenous villages that suffered with the rains in Bahia,” he said on Twitter.


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