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The 4th part, on Saturday, February 4 at 17:30, on SKAI

The Happy Traveller has started a trek in our neighboring country, Albania and Saturday, February 4 we will see it 4th part of the journey. Eutychis and Elektra continue their roadtrip in southern Albania, in the region also known as Northern Epirus.

Our travelers start their walk from the historic monastery of Agioi Saranda, from which the city takes its name. After admiring the seaside town from above, they go a little further south to the other hill with a view, where the Lekoursi castle is located. In this castle they also meet their friend Leonidas, who lives there permanently and gives them a lot of interesting information about the city of Saint Saranda and the history of the area.

Next stop, Finiki, which is also the seat of one of the two municipalities in southern Albania with an officially recognized Greek minority. They climb to the top of the rock, to see the ancient city of Phoenice and go to eat in a traditional tavern of the area. They visit the historical monastery of Agios Nikolaos of Mesopotamos and the Holy Monastery of Panagia on the mountain next to the village of Kostari. Next stops, the village of Livadeia and some more remote villages on the mountains, such as Grava.

Continuing their journey in the plain of Phoenice, they go to the villages of Alykos and Tsaousi and end up at the Bistritsa river, where they dive into its cool waters.

The trek in Albania does not stop here and will continue in the next episode.

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Saturday, February 4 at 17.30, on SKAI

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