Pair of sneakers will help investigation against Daniel Alves; understand


Daniel Alves’ presence in the club’s bathroom will be attested by a pair of sneakers. According to information from the newspaper La Vanguardia, Daniel was in a blind spot in the security footage and his white sneakers are seen in the reflection of a mirror when the young woman, who claims to have been the victim of sexual abuse by the player, enters the bathroom. .

In this way, the two sides of the investigation are with different arguments. The prosecution will try to prove that the shoes belong to Daniel Alves, while the defense will use the element to try to prove that he was not in the cabin at the time. The player’s defenders also want to reinforce that there was no situation of “domination or fear”, as indicated by the victim.

The woman, who accuses the abuse, claims that one of the reasons that led her to enter the bathroom was the fear of being attacked on the way out of the club or that someone would try to “put something in her drink”, according to the documents obtained by La Vanguardia .

The young woman also said that Daniel Alves would have insisted several times to enter the bathroom. In disagreement, the player’s defense tries to show that it was the woman who entered the place of her own accord, two minutes after the Brazilian. However, the prosecution would use the image of the sneakers to claim that it is Daniel who holds the door for her to enter the bathroom.

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