Kim Kardashian Publishes ‘Spider Man 3’ Spoiler and Faces Fan Wrath


Socialite Kim Kardashian, 41, jumped on the bandwagon and watched the new movie in Spider-Man’s latest trilogy, “Spider-Man: No Going Back Home,” this Monday (27). In a private cinema, she took a picture of the screen during one of the most important scenes in the feature film and, without thinking twice, shared it on her Instagram.

There were two stories from the end of the film in the profile of the businesswoman that, despite being excluded shortly afterwards, caused anger in her followers. On Twitter, users complained about taking spoilers of the new Spider-Man from none other than Kim Kardashian.

“Guys, for God’s sake, Kim Kardashian with 273 million followers posting in the story one of the biggest spoilers of Spider-Man”, he wrote a Twitter user.

WARNING: Text contains “Spider-Man: No Going Home” spoilers as of this point.

“Really did I avoid Spider-Man spoilers like they were the plague just for Kim K to screw it up with one Instagram post?” vented other. One third account went further: “I’ve never hated a person so much.”

The stories of the star of the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” shared one of the scenes kept in the strictest confidence by the stars of the film and previous “webhead” franchises.

In it, the mystery about the appearance or not of the actors who played the character before Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield (from “The Spectacular Spider-Man”) and Tobey Maguire (from the original trilogy) is finally solved.


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