On World Cancer Day, Ana Maria Braga talks about prevention: ‘For the right to life’


The presenter Ana Maria Braga, 73, shared on her social networks a message about the World Cancer Day, celebrated this Saturday (4). “A date for society to look at the different ways this disease manifests itself and realize the importance of prevention, access to diagnosis and treatment,” she wrote on Twitter.

“The theme of the global campaign is ‘For fairer care’ and aims to warn about the unequal distribution of resources, which ends up becoming a barrier in the treatment of several patients. For the right to equity in access to health for all. For the right right to life,” he added.

Ana Maria faced cancer a few times at different times in her life. In the most recent episode, in 2020, she announced on Mais Você (Globo) that she had been diagnosed for the second time with lung cancer. A few months later, she claimed that the treatment had shrunk the tumor by 50%.

In December 2015, the presenter had also revealed on the show that she was treating lung cancer. At the time, she had to undergo surgery to remove a tumor in her left lung.

“I had an angel in my life. I could still be without knowing that I had a lung problem. Bill, my partner today, demands a lot from me and I started doing gymnastics. He told me to stop smoking and that I needed to do He insisted so much that I made an appointment. I had a CT scan and when I left they said they found something small, the beginning of a cancerous tumor. […] It is a risk that every person who smokes has “, he said. Bill was Ana Maria’s partner at the time. Since 2022, the presenter has been dating journalist Fábio Arruda.

Before that, Ana Maria faced skin cancer in 1991 and discovered, in 2001, that she had cancer detected in the groin and rectum. “There were times when I turned on the shower, lay down and cried a lot”, she told in an interview with Sheetin 2016.

“It’s natural for that to happen. But you have to really believe. I said ‘I’ll handle it’. I never imagined that the disease would be bigger than me”, he said. “I smoked for so long, it’s predictable. It was my fault. I mean, it’s not guilt, it’s addiction. I’m addicted to nicotine, like a drug addict or an alcoholic.”

The presenter also stated at the time that the radiotherapy had been “devastating”, but that she felt “lucky” to have access “to what is best in medicine”. “I have a high pain threshold, yet I suffered. I took a lot of morphine when I could. At other times, I worked. I kept working because it was a great reason to get up every day. I really enjoy what I do.”

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