About to give birth, Claudia Raia poses naked in a photo shoot: ‘Nothing superior to love’


Actress Claudia Raia, 56, published a photo essay that sensitized celebrities and followers on social networks. Eight months pregnant, she shows off her big belly and her long hair in photos where she appears nude. “There is nothing higher than love,” she wrote in the gallery’s caption posted on her Instagram.

The actress is expecting her third child, Luca, the first heir of her marriage to actor Jarbas Homem de Mello. “How beautiful my wife is”, commented Jarbas in the publication. Claudia announced her pregnancy in September 2022, aged 55. When narrating how she discovered the pregnancy, with a video identified as advertising, the actress implies that the pregnancy was natural.

Celebrities reacted to the photos with enthusiasm. “Wow! How wonderful you look! Beautiful! What a photo that is pure love!”, wrote Globo presenter Marcos Mion. “Oh my God. I can’t stand this beauty”, commented the actress Giovanna Antonelli. “What a most beautiful and blessed mother”, said Sabrina Sato. The post has over 600,000 likes.

In 2020, Claudia Raia had already revealed that she intended to be a mother again – she is already the mother of Enzo and Sophia, the result of her marriage to Edson Celulari. In an interview with Sabrina Sato’s YouTube channel, she even said that she had frozen eggs and that a new baby was in the couple’s plans.

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