Matthew McConaughey: Will Play Agent Elvis in Animated Movie – Watch Video


“Agent Elvis” is scheduled to premiere in March

Elvis carries a lot of baggage in Netflix’s upcoming adult animated comedy. THE Matthew McConaughey will play Elvis Presley — the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll by day, but by night he turns into a powerful agent who joins a secret government espionage program to help fight the dark forces that threaten the US.

Netflix has released the first teaser for the series, featuring Elvis trying to save his country while balancing his career.

At the same time it shows how difficult it is to be a secret agent and the most famous person in the world. “Every once in a while, a man does the impossible,” McConaughey says as Elvis in the teaser. “All it takes is someone with a dream.”

“Agent Elvis” is the first adult animated feature from Sony Pictures Animation and is produced in association with Authentic Brands Group and Titmouse. McConaughey is also an executive producer on the series. Other cast members have yet to be announced.


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