Felipe Neto criticizes Anitta for not containing violent fans against Samara Joy


Youtuber Felipe Neto criticized the singer Anitta for not “educating the fans” and not taking a stand against the attitudes of some of them, who even went to the profile of the Grammy winner, Samara Joy, to offend her.

Neto’s opinions on the podcast of his Netolab channel, on the Twitch platform, ended up messing with the Brazilian’s fans. Around the 30 minutes of the podcast, he begins to expose what he thinks about people’s attitude and about the lack of initiative of the carioca.

“Could it be that, deep down, she knows that this violent and hostile behavior from fans ends up being positive for her?”, he said. “I didn’t see her say a word about the attacks. Why not talk? Why not educate the fans?”, asked Neto in one of the excerpts.

According to him, something similar happened to him in 2018, when he won the Icon Miaw award and ended up being booed by the same Anitta fans who wanted her to win the trophy. Despite the criticism, Neto said that he considers himself a friend of the singer and that those were not attacks.

However, excerpts with the statement began to be published on social networks, and those who like the Brazilian started trying to cancel Neto. It was then that he decided to better explain what he meant.

“Anitters from my heart. If you haven’t watched the entire podcast, if you’ve only seen a sensationalized gossip profile headline, if you’ve only seen a minute-long cut of the podcast, you’re opining without knowing it,” he wrote. Afterwards, she got tired of arguing. “Toxic people. Who bark alone”, he concluded on Twitter.


After seeing Anitta defeated at the Grammys, Brazilian fans began to fill the 23-year-old jazz artist’s last post with offensive comments.

“Anitta is worldwide and you are not”, wrote Danielbessanttos’ profile. “Give back Anitta’s award”, posted the Brazilian José Diogo Cotrim. “To be a revelation it has to be revealed”, opined Opsmanta. Other Brazilians posted vomit emojis, spoke of “theft” and said she didn’t deserve to win. There were even those who said that “Brazil hates you”.

However, there were Brazilians who knew how to face Anitta’s defeat and criticized the attitude of the others. “Fans of Anitta, as always, making Brazil ashamed. You are used to the Multishow award that Anitta wins because you do a joint effort of votes. At the Grammy, the person with the most talent wins, and not the most followers”, wrote Lucas’ profile Paiva.

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