Record actor has been missing for two weeks


The actor of the soap opera ‘Reis’, shown last year on Record, Jeff Machado has been missing for two weeks and this Thursday (9), the family decided to report the disappearance. Jeff’s disappearance was noticed after a call from an animal protection NGO reporting the abandonment of their eight dogs. Extremely passionate about animals, the family was not only surprised by the neglect but also by the messages received in recent days on behalf of Jeff.

According to one of the relatives revealed to Record’s Balanço Geral RJ program, one of the messages said that a friend named Bruno, with whom the actor lived in Guaratiba, in the west zone of Rio, would be responsible for the artist’s house and car. The texts, by the way, also caused strangeness in the family members due to the mistakes in Portuguese, a fact that was not common in the actor, who is also trained in Journalism.

The family further reported that Jeff has not answered calls since January 13th. Already information received by friends realize that he would have received a job offer in São Paulo at the end of January. Relatives and friends went to the home of the actor, who played a Philistine soldier in the broadcaster’s biblical soap opera, and found all the documents and cards.

The case is being investigated by the Whereabouts Discovery Police Station in Rio de Janeiro. According to the agency, Jefferson Machado Costa officially disappeared on January 27 in Campo Grande, also in the west zone of Rio.

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