Jade Sassará, from ‘Mar do Sertão’, reports having suffered transphobia in a restaurant in RJ


Actress Jade Sassará (27) reported having suffered transphobia in a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, last Wednesday (8). As reported on her profile on social networks, the interpreter of Hallelujah in “Mar do Sertão” was treated, for the second time, by male pronouns. She did not reveal the location and name of the establishment.

“It’s the second time I come to this place, because there’s food that I like. I’m not going to stop going to places I want to go, but it’s the second time that I’m treated here as a male, by different people”, vented the actress.

Previously, Jade shared that, after recording the soap opera, she decided to go out to dinner alone. In the first publication, she showed her favorite dish and wrote: “May we invent futures filled with prosperity and affection, even with the challenges and violence that the path presents”.

Then, Jade spoke about what happened and made one to her cisgender followers: “Take responsibility for the violence you reproduce. Transphobia is your problem. Stop throwing this responsibility behind our backs.”

“Mar do Sertão”, the current 18h soap opera, is his first major work on open TV. Jade is also a drummer, music producer and designer of pieces using the upcycling process — she has already dressed the singer Majur and her creations were in a fashion show on the Casa de Criadores platform.

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