BBB 23: Paula surprises by biting her toenail and netizens do not forgive: ‘Disgust’


Could it be that there are no personal hygiene products in the BBB 23 pantry, such as a simple nail file or a pair of scissors? It seems not. This Thursday afternoon (9), Paula Freitas surprised Internet users by biting her toenail. The biomedical doctor forgot about the cameras spread around the confinement and was the protagonist of an unusual scene in the area outside the house.

The sister was talking to Amanda Meirelles about the next wall of Globo’s reality show. “You know what I think could happen? The Big Phone rang and the Leader’s Test could be faster to have a wall even today [quinta-feira]. The person wins the leader and already indicates a brother so as not to give anyone time to combine a vote”, commented the doctor from Paraná, who even pretended not to believe the scene, but also did not make any comment disapproving of Paula’s attitude.

But netizens saw the scene and did not forgive the participant. “Paula was biting her toenail with her mouth! How disgusting,” wrote one Twitter user. “Amanda, who is a doctor, still leaves this filth? My God!”, Commented a second person and the third added: “She even told Shoe Guy that she was super hygienic because of work.”

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