BBB 23: Gustavo leaves Paredão and wins the Leader’s Test again


In this Thursday’s Leader’s Test (9), Tadeu Schmidt explained the week’s dynamics and said that only 16 participants would take the test. After a long and complex race, Gustavo, walled up earlier in the Big Fone, left Paredão and won again and became the Leader of the week.

At the beginning of the program, the cowboy was entitled to a veto. So he chose to remove Ricardo from the race. Cezar, one of the survivors of the last Paredão, was entitled to one more veto and vetoed Cara de Sapato. Gabriel Santana, also a survivor, vetoed MC Guimê.

In the first stage, the brothers had to put together a puzzle with a defined group and handcuffed hands.

Participants were divided into four groups:

Group 1: Paula, Bruno Gaga, Gabriel Santana, Amanda;

Group 2: Cezar, Key Alves, Gustavo, Cristian;

Group 3: Domitila Barros, Fred Nicácio, Marvvila and Sarah Aline;

Group 4: Fred, Larissa, Aline Wirley, Bruna Griphao;

But only the group of Cezar, Key Alves, Gustavo and Cristian made it to the final stage. In this second stage, participants played individually. And the cowboy won the lead!

Gustavo took his VIP bracelet and divided the house into VIP and Xepa. In the VIP are: Key Alves, Fred Nicácio, Cristian, Sarah Aline and Domitila Barros.


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