Cleo defends Luana Piovani against Pedro Scooby: ‘You need to put priorities in their places’


Actress Cleo Pires spoke out in defense of Luana Piovani. In a post on Instagram stories, she claims that attention is needed to the presenter’s case against ex-husband Pedro Scooby, who are facing a legal battle for the ex-couple’s children. Recently, the ex-BBB started a lawsuit against Piovani, after she complained about non-payment of the agreed amount of the pension.

“Guys, where is the public pressure on top of what is happening with Luana Piovani? How many women don’t go through this?”, Cleo began. According to her, a case like this helps to talk about other people who go through similar situations. “Irregular processes in which the parents of their children are considered right, what is expected of men and women, parental alienation, so much more,” she explained.

Next, Cleo issued a warning: “I’ve known Luana for so long and I’ve never seen her cry. And she’s crying on social media. This is very serious.”

Finally, he ended with a message to Scooby: “We need to talk about this. I know it’s unpleasant because, in the case of the father of her children, he is a guy who won many hearts in Brazil. He is very charismatic, but the people need to put priorities in their places.”

Earlier, also on Monday, Piovani appeared crying in the stories of her Instagram profile. “I think this was where everyone was waiting for me to arrive, because I already said that Xena is a warrior, I am really abused. I am always claiming my rights on the internet, until they put a gag in my mouth. Okay, I’m here crying here in the story. Feeling insecure, threatened “, she justified.

The presenter vented about the fact that Dom, her son with Scooby, said that the mother would be trying to take away the father’s sponsors. She also showed hope: “I trust a lot in divine justice, but I confess that I am insecure with the justice of men. Let’s see what little surprise comes next week. You already know, whoever can, join the choir.”

Source: Folha

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