The BBC has announced that it is preparing a new documentary titled “We Need to Talk About Kanye”which is dedicated to the American rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West. Investigative journalist Mobeen Azhar will star in the documentary, which will be accompanied by ‘The Kanye Story’ podcast series.

“It takes place against the backdrop of Ye’s campaign for the 2024 presidential election and at a time when his behavior has sparked outrage and re-evaluation of his place in popular culture. The documentary follows Mobeen as he tries to understand the complex journey that has made Ye one of the most famous and creatively successful artists of his generation,” reads a press release from the British television network. It also highlights how his reputation began to tarnish.

Kanye Westwho legally changed his name to Ye, is a Grammy Award-winning actor and father of four with his ex-wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

In recent years, his career has been overshadowed by his battles with mental illness, his erratic behavior and his outrageous statements on social media.