One of the greatest sex symbols in the history of cinema, the Raquel Wellsdied on Feb. 15 at the age of 82 after battling an undisclosed illness, and as a tribute, several celebrities have recreated or reposted images of her, most notably from the movie “One Million Years BC.”

One of those celebrities who reposted photos of the famous fur bikini was supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski. “I’m obsessed with reference images and this image, the poster of her in what they called ‘humanity’s first bikini’… I love it. It’s fun and a little quirky,” Emily explained.

Her post includes two images of herself and two of Welch, with the caption: “Raquel Welch, One Million BC.”

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Another famous model, who is amazing at disguises, is Heidi Klum, who also “uploaded” a photo in a bikini similar to that of Raquel Wells.

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The tribute in honor of Raquel Wells also took part in Teresa Giudicestar of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” who was a big fan of the late actress.

“Growing up, Raquel Welch was such a beautiful and iconic woman to me (and everyone else on the planet). Coming from humble origins, I never dreamed as a little girl that I would have the privilege and honor of recreating this incredible image from her film and appearing in a magazine doing it,” she wrote.

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