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Suspect of stealing Pericles’ car is arrested in São Paulo


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Julius Boll

The Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo (SSP) confirmed a 23-year-old man was arrested, this Wednesday (22), for involvement in the theft of a vehicle by singer Péricles, in an operation coordinated by the Division of Investigations on Thefts, Theft and Reception of Vehicles and Cargo (DIVECAR). The information was confirmed in an official note to the F5.

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“Civil police officers from the Division of Investigations into Thefts, Robberies and Reception of Vehicles and Cargo (DIVECAR), of the State Department of Criminal Investigations (DEIC), arrested this Wednesday (22) a 23-year-old man for involvement in a theft of a singer’s vehicle that took place last Thursday (16), in Santo André. The suspect was identified as the criminal driving the car used to commit the crime”.

The name of the suspect, however, was not confirmed by the SSP. According to information gathered by UOL, the man arrested is named Guilherme Shiozuka and allegedly confessed to the crime.

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Last Thursday (16), Péricles was approached by a man and had his backpack and car taken by him, when he was leaving a house in the city of Santo André (ABC). The video of the moment of the robbery went viral on social media.

Source: Folha

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