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In an interview on the iHeartRadio podcast, Paris Hilton opened up about her son, who she and husband Carter Reum welcomed in January, revealing his name to be Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum… and in a short time space, the name both due to its length and specificity became viral.

Although for many the newborn’s name may seem strange, she revealed that it is a tribute to her grandfather, the owner of hotels of the same name around the world, Baron Hilton, who passed away in 2019 at the age of 91.

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My grandfather was always my mentor and I held him in high esteem. We were very close and I miss her every day. So, I very much wanted to name my first son after him“, the golden heiress initially said.

As for her son’s first name, Paris said she always wanted to give her child a city name, like she has. “I have been planning my children’s names for many years now,” he admitted on the podcast.

In closing, she said that no one knew about the birth of the baby until it was a week old and she revealed it to her mother and sister.

It was so beautiful that we had this trip just me and Carter. Because I feel like my life has become too public. I’ve never really had anything just for me“, he emphasized at the end.