The great carnival celebration is in full swing in Rethymnon, with the carnivalists, the 31 groups, the floats and the thousands of visitors from Crete and beyond, celebrating the last day of Halloween, preparing their entry into Lent tomorrow of Clean Monday.

The parade of groups and floats started at two in the afternoon, and at this time the great feast has been set up in Mikrasiaton square, with young and old completing their meetings that lasted more than four months, to organize and prepare the Rethemniot Carnival.

The rhythm, the music, the good mood overflowed today, with the participants enduring the fatigue of the days, which included the wonderful moments experienced by the Rethemnians and their visitors, with the children’s parade, the evening carols and last night’s night parade. And all this without a single moment stopping the parties and gatherings in every corner of the city.

At 6:30 in the afternoon, the closing event will take place in the square of the Unknown Soldier, where, against the background of the sea and the Rethemniotic horizon and sky, fireworks and sparklers will mark the success of the Rethemniotic Carnival 2023, on the one hand, and the beginning of a rest period on the other , until the preparations for the next carnival begin again.