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BBB 23: Ana Maria Braga saves Gustavo from commenting on sex with Key Alves


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Now out of BBB 23, the cowboy Gustavo had a light chat with Ana Maria Braga at Mais Você. The intimate scenes under the duvet were not even mentioned by the presenter, who preferred to talk only about the game with him.

In the chat, Gustavo admitted that he did not use the best strategies. According to him, the fact that he closed with Key for the game ended up undermining his chances of going far.

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In addition, the cowboy explained that he had no intention of acting with religious intolerance towards Fred Nicácio and that it only happened due to the wrong information transmitted to him by Cristian.

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“We didn’t want to offend and hurt anyone, I apologize to those who got hurt. We made a mistake in the tactics of the game. Out here everyone has a good heart”, he said in the interview.

Another skirmish with Cristian happened when Gustavo and Key didn’t say they knew about his strategy of approaching the other group to gather information. Ana Maria showed the beginning of the chat in which the GusKey couple seemed to agree with the tactic.

“It was a moment when we were playing in a group, but when it involves the person’s feelings, it’s not cool anymore. I saw videos out here, we made mistakes. But I want to talk to Cristian and be his friend. Life goes on”, he concluded.

Source: Folha

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