Pabllo Vittar hits criticism after sending emoji to Ivete’s son: ‘You are rotten’


Singer Pabllo Vittar, 29, had to go to social media to counter comments about her reaction to Marcelo Cady’s new haircut, son of Ivete Sangalo, 13 years old. That’s because the artist posted breathless faces in the video where he danced with the revamped look.

Emojis were soon associated with something bad for theoretically having a sexual nature. Upon seeing the negative repercussions, Vittar took a stand. “I didn’t comment on that with a sexual connotation. I know Marcelo, I know Ivete. The evil in your head speaks more about you than about me. You are rotten”, he shot.

Despite the post making noise, there were those who defended Pabllo from criticism and showed prints of similar interactions that she has already had with other people. “We know your intentions. You comment with this emoji on basically everything”, wrote Trajaza’s profile.

It was Ivete herself who published the video of her son dancing with long hair. With editing, he taps the screen and already appears with much shorter strands.

“Not even in a dream did I imagine it. It came out of me”, joked Sangalo. Celebrities like Claudia Leitte, Sheila Mello and Léo Santana liked the result. “Daniel, is that you? It’s beautiful”, praised the owner of the hit “Zona de Danger”.

Source: Folha

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