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‘I found the only man I will be and I want to be submissive’, says Maíra Cardi about Thiago Nigro


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A week after taking over dating Thiago Nigro, Primo Rico, on social media, Maíra Cardi, 39, decided to make a declaration of love to the businessman this Tuesday (7). The influencer published a long text about the new relationship and revealed that she always wanted to stop being “the man in her own life” and also said that she rediscovered the role of women in a relationship: “I found the only man I will ever be and I want to be submissive all the days of my life from now on!”

Concerned about the statement on the eve of International Women’s Day, Maíra tried to explain that, for the first time in her life, she understands the words respect and submission in a life together. “Submission and respect for men has nothing to do with disputing strength or space in a relationship. A woman’s space, no man occupies, but the space of a man in the life of a couple I don’t want to occupy”, assured the also coach of slimming.

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Maíra continued to declare herself to Nigro, 32, and reaffirmed that she was “very happy” with the new relationship. “I open the door of my life for you, not to enter but to occupy that place that has always been yours. Space that I occupied alone, sitting scared and quiet in the basement of my memories, and without even knowing where the keys were”.

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She also did not fail to comment on previous relationships that left marks and contributed to an openly disrespectful relationship with men. “I had many reasons to stop respecting men. I was abused by strangers and acquaintances.

In a color photo, montage of a text published on social networks

Statement by Maíra Cardi to Thiago Nigro – Playback/Instagram

Source: Folha

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