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The streaming service Paramount+ is preparing a new TV series based on the film Fatal Attraction of 1987 and now we have the first trailer available.

The protagonist is the actor Joshua Jackson, who will play the role of Dan Gallagher, while a few months ago it was announced that Lizzy Caplan will play Alex. The other day, the name of Amanda Peet who will play Gallagher’s faithful wife was also announced.

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The new series will premiere on Sunday, April 30.

In the premise of the original film, Dan Callagher (Michael Douglas), a successful New York lawyer, happy husband and father, one weekend while his wife and child are away on vacation, will form a brief, extramarital affair with a female colleague. , Alex (Glenn Close), who seems quite open to promiscuous relationships. When the “illegal” weekend ends, Dan thought that this story would also be over without anyone knowing. However, Alex has a different opinion: she becomes psychotic with Dan, chasing him around trying to claim him and threatening to tell his wife everything if he doesn’t give in to her challenges. Although Dan subtly avoids her, Alex pretends to be his wife’s friend, making it clear that she is not going to go away easily. In the end, Alex will put forward the biggest weapon of all: she threatens him to tell his wife that she is pregnant with his child.

Alexandra Cunningham, who worked on the hits Dirty John and Bates Motel, will write, executive produce and showrunner the series.

Watch the trailer of the famous film: