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The library of the Eugenides Foundation, which for 60 years has been a point of reference for thousands of young people, is opening its doors to the public again, with upgraded services and enhanced content.

As mentioned in a related announcement of the Foundation, its renewal, both in terms of the possibilities it provides to its users and in terms of its new facilities, has as its main goal the gradual creation of a modern hybrid space for searching and creating knowledge.

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Its collections, both printed and digital, focus on contemporary scientific and technological fields, with the aim of meeting the learning and research needs of young people and their familiarity mainly with applied technical professions.

In this way, the Library of the Eugenides Foundation aspires to be a leading pole, where publications, specialized magazines and publications related to technical professional education will be accessible.

The Library of the Foundation has now acquired the technical possibility of live video and audio transmission (Livestreaming).

The renewed spaces are offered for individual and group study with high internet facilities etc. Specially configured access points for people with disabilities with special workstations provide specialized support and equal access to all.