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BBB 23: Expulsion of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato shocks participants


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After repercussions during the day surrounding the controversy of alleged harassment by MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato, Tadeu Schmidt spoke out and warned the brothers about what happened at the party last Wednesday (15). “Provisions need to be taken”, he began at the opening of the reality. After images passed throughout Brazil, the presenter announced that the participants are expelled from reality, leaving everyone in the house shocked.

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Guimê was seen touching Dania Mendez’s butt and breast. At one point, she takes his hand away from her body. These facts made the singer Lexa, Guimê’s wife, speak out. She said she was not okay with the situation.

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Other videos show Sapato immobilizing Dania to kiss her. He also kisses her and covers them both with a blanket. Part of Internet users also understands that this characterizes harassment and asks for the expulsion of the brother.

In this Thursday’s program (16), the presenter announced: “I’m here to talk about something very unpleasant. We have a visitor in our house… and, like all women, she deserves absolute respect. From everything we’ve seen and we heard, we didn’t like what we saw yesterday. Sapato and Guimê crossed the line yesterday”.

Everyone is shocked, devastated and without understanding the situation. MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato leave and the visitor cries a lot. “Sorry,” she says. The brothers console her. “It’s not your fault”. “Please don’t blame yourself.”

Source: Folha

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