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Carol Celico is hospitalized in São Paulo with bowel inflammation


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Socialite Carol Celico shared bad news with her followers this Tuesday (4). In a publication in Instagram stories, she says that she had to interrupt her New Year’s trip to return to the city of São Paulo and be hospitalized for severe abdominal pain.

“I’m hospitalized with three very strong intestinal bacteria, which caused me colitis and inflamed 100% of my intestines,” explained Kaka’s ex-wife. Today, she is in a relationship with Chiquinho Scarpa’s heir, Eduardo Julião.

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She is still under medical supervision, but says she is already feeling better. “I’m getting better every day, medicated and being well cared for by the great team of such professional doctors and nurses”, he praised.

“I’m not one of using Instagram to deliver bad news, nor of making drama out of anything, mainly because I know how many people like to generate engagement this way,” he explained, before revealing the disease.

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“I also know how many people suffer from health problems and loss of loved ones every day,” he said. She even advised her audience on the social network to be “aware of what they eat and always keep their health checks updated.”

“Also be very careful, everyone who returned from their trip, avoid meeting people (especially family members and older people) in the coming days, as cases are increasing and we don’t need more people at risk, whether due to Covid, influenza, etc.”, he warned the influencer.

In the stories, she shared photos of herself with tubes attached to her arm, and a selfie lying on a stretcher, smiling. Carol is the mother of Luca and Isabella, fruit of her relationship with the football athlete, and has also tried a career as a gospel singer. She has a million followers on her Instagram.


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