BBB 23: Fred says Di Ferrero sharpened his ‘bisexual side’ during party with Nx Zero


The influencer Fred made a confession this Saturday morning (18) on BBB 23 (Globo). The brother said that he was swayed by the presence of Di Ferrero, lead singer of Nx Zero, a band that performed during the party that took place last night.

“Di Ferrero sharpened a bisexual side of mine that had not been sharpened for a long time”, said Bianca Andrade’s ex-husband, Boca Rosa. “He’s hot,” agreed actor Gabriel Santana, who declared himself bisexual at the start of the show.

The interpreter of Renato from the soap opera “Pantanal” (also from Globo), however, said that he kept an eye on another member of the band. “Did you see the bassist?” he said, referring to Conrado Grandino. Fred just nodded, to which the actor added: “The bassist is very hot.”

Fred added that Di Ferreiro “moved him”. “He would pass very close, look me in the eye a lot, and I was getting the stops mixed up,” he said. “I wasn’t taking a brother side.”

Nx Zero announced in February that it would reunite its classic lineup for a reunion tour, which kicks off in May. In 2017, the members had announced a hiatus, with no return forecast, so that each one could dedicate themselves to their individual projects.

Source: Folha

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