BBB 23: Mc Guimê gives testimony and says he has a calm heart ‘as far as possible’


MC Guimê, who is being investigated by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro in an inquiry that investigates the sexual harassment that Dania Mendez suffered at the BBB 23 house, testified at Deam (Specialized Police Station for Women) earlier this Monday afternoon -Friday (20).

When he arrived at the scene, he said that “my heart was as calm as possible”. Accompanied by his lawyers and two security guards, Guimê said he has been under “great pressure” since his expulsion on Thursday (16).

“Now it’s time to move on. It’s a big pressure, but faith in God”, he said. The singer also said that he and Lexa “are seeking forgiveness over the facts.”

He and Sapato committed the crime against Mexican Dania Mendez, during a party on the program last week. The crime is provided for in Law 13,718 and classifies as criminal any forced act to satisfy the desire of the aggressor. Touches like hugging, kissing or malicious groping without the consent of the other party are some examples of sexual harassment.

After being expelled from the program, the funk artist posted a video on social networks and apologized for what he did. “I am heartbroken, still processing everything, there is a lot of information. I am very upset for the moment, you will be able to see my words and I will tell you about all this and recognize my faults. I have a humble and open heart to recognize, I know that I made a mistake”, he said he.

Source: Folha

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