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Why does everyday life last remind you of work, work, home?


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Do you feel lately that your daily life has entered the autopilot? Suddenly everything looks like a must and tick on lists. This trend towards productivity is pushing you more than you think. This need to be a perfectionist traps you and does not allow you to see what makes you happy.

Observe your daily life and see if what you do fills you as much as you would like.

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Your job
Yes, you have to pay your bills. You have to work properly and meet your deadlines. But this is only one part of your professional identity. In all this, however, you may forget the purpose of your work. Why did you take this position? Do you feel as happy as in the beginning? Redefine the reasons you started doing this job. And do not forget, work is a part of your daily routine. Not your whole life.

Your friends / partner / family
Do not take them for granted. Even if the meeting, the walk with someone of yours looks like chores now, in fact the exact opposite is true. Time may pressure you, but try to make room for those who really count. Your daily life is filled with these people. Do not leave them out.

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Your dreams / hobbies
Somewhere along the way, you may have forgotten what it was that you wanted to become when you grew up. You did it; Did you do half of them or are you miles away? Whatever happened, you can still complete your story. You have not reached a certain age, you do not lack any qualifications. You have courage, you have skills. Just think if you want to do it and consider it done.

Effort is in human nature
The lack of willpower that you may temporarily feel may change. What is missing is not a dream life. It is the desire to appreciate what you already have in your current daily life. If you observe the positive aspects of what you have now, everything around you will change.

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