Maíra Cardi puts her daughter in the hospital with her boyfriend; Arthur Aguiar says he does not know about hospitalization


Climate. After fitness influencer Maíra Cardi posted videos and photos of her daughter in the hospital, actor Arthur Aguiar, her father, said he was not warned about her health status and, therefore, cannot help with her hospitalization.

During the night, Maíra took her daughter to a hospital. According to her, the child had symptoms such as fever and vomiting. She also showed that her new boyfriend, Thiago Nigro, was present giving the necessary support to the girl, even though she needed to go out to work.

However, hours later, Arthur Aguiar, from whom Maíra recently separated, began to be bombarded with criticism for, theoretically, not making himself available to go and see how his daughter was doing. Through the networks, he sent the message.

“The internet is really crazy. A lot of people saying a lot of things they don’t know. I’m getting a lot of messages here from people saying: ‘Are you really happy? Your daughter is in the hospital.’ daughter in the hospital I have to know that she is in the hospital”, she began.

“For those of you who are judging me, the tip of the day is: don’t judge and don’t say what you don’t know. Spend your time minding your own business”, he shot.

Source: Folha

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