Arthur Picoli assumes affair with Thais Braz after BBB 21: ‘There’s plenty of time’


For a long time, ex-brother Arthur Picoli denied any involvement with his BBB 21 colleague, Thais Braz, but this Thursday (24), he ended up confessing the affair: “Yes, one day it has already happened and that has been a long time. Today nothing happens anymore and she is my little friend.”

The revelation took place during the participation of the youtuber during the participation of the Mesacast BBB Tá On and surprised the presenters Jeska Grecco and Patrícia Ramos. Arthur did not give details about the romance, but he acknowledged that the emotion spoke louder in the couple and ended up harming a greater involvement. “It’s a very well resolved situation. It’s two emotional people, it’s easier each one for their side”, he commented visibly embarrassed.

During BBB 21, while Arthur got involved with Carla Diaz, Thais insisted on an affair with Fiuk. Outside of the game, the two grew closer and were seen together at various events. At the time, fans soon raised the possibility of a relationship and the duo always avoided the subject. After the presenter’s revelation, they remembered the nickname of the couple that was shipped: BrazColi

In a color photo, a man in a white shirt gives an interview in a studio

Arthur Picoli is embarrassed to reveal the romance with ex-sister of also BBB 21 reproduction

Source: Folha

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