BBB 23: Bruna Griphao denies kissing Gabriel Santana and receives production attention; understand


The atmosphere between Bruna Griphao and Gabriel Santana has become increasingly intimate on BBB 23 (Globo). During the party this Friday (24), the two danced, talked, but at the end of the morning, the actor declared himself again to the actress. “How long have I been wanting to kiss you. It’s okay, I’m deluded by editing,” he says.

The brothers begin to spy on the two and want to see if the actors would stay or not. “Everyone was hiding watching us,” said the actress. “They will think that we have already kissed”, added Bruna. “It’s up to you,” said the brother. Later, the actor commented: “I wanted to kiss you now”.

However, as everyone knows, the two drank a lot and this obviously worried the production of the program. At a certain point when Gabriel insisted on staying with Bruna, she denied his kisses and the two began to receive the “attention” alert from the reality director.

The two became attentive and promptly stopped. What also caught the attention of netizens is that soon the cameras changed and no one could see the outcome of the story. The web was divided on opinions. Some people believe that the actor was insistent, while others think that he was respectful of the actress.


Source: Folha

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