Sakis Rouvas apart from singing, he also loves sports and has been involved in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a long time.

The famous singer also received his new belt, as seen in a video he posted on social media. In the caption of the video, Sakis Rouvas wrote: “My joy and emotion cannot be hidden! It’s not so much about my new belt in brajilian jiu jitsu, it’s about the effort, effort and hard work that pays off. I don’t stop for a moment, no matter how many years pass, to feel like a student who has so much to learn and discover on this planet,” he wrote characteristically.

In fact, the singer also accepted the teasing of his fellow athletes. According to the ritual that applies to all martial arts, his teammates “whipped” him with their own belts, singing “blood, tears and sweat”, which is of course one of the great hits of the famous singer.

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